You have to admit that taking out the trash is one of our least favorite tasks! But if we get trash containers with wheels, the chore becomes a lot easier.

There are many trash containers by different brands to suit our needs. But the wheeled containers are the best ones to carry our massive load of garbage onto the sidewalk.

Moreover, these bins are quite handy as you don’t have to throw your back out every time you carry out your dump to the garbage truck.

But, what are the best types of wheels for trash containers? Moreover, what information should you know to make the best purchase?

Let’s get all the answers right away!

Trash containers with wheels

Plastic wheels for garbage cans

Plastic and metal are the most basic wheel material for trash cans. If you get the plastic ones, you can use your trash containers for a medium-heavy amount of garbage disposal.

Moreover, plastic wheels are not affected by bad weather conditions and come with shock-proof construction. And they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

Additionally, you can quickly repair these wheels so practically they will last for a lifetime. However, you can always replace them without costing much money and energy, which is one of their best qualities.

Plastic made wheels are looks almost new even after using them for a long time as the scratches don’t show up vividly. So considering all its excellent benefits, these wheels are a popular choice among the consumers.

Metal wheels for garbage cans

Metal wheels are eligible for a small to medium workload. If you tend to take out a massive amount of trash, you should look for another option.

However, these wheels are incredibly stylish and easy to keep clean. Additionally, they are fireproof and durable if you take proper care.

But the problem is, metal wheels start showing signs of wear damages very soon. You can see dents or scratches after using it a few times if you are not careful while carrying out the trash.

Nonetheless, if you want to have shiny and stylish trash containers for occasional use, you can get the one with metal wheels. Otherwise, you can go for other options like concrete and plastic ones.

Garbage can wheel replacement

Wheeled trash cans are typically robust and made with rugged material to make them durable. But sometimes the wheels can’t take the load and may get damaged over time.

If it happens, you don’t need to worry about replacing the whole thing, as getting a new pair of wheels will do the trick.

You can get your replacement wheels from Amazon or a local hardware store and start the repairing process yourself. Firstly, you need to figure out what type of damage happened.

The most common damages are:

  • The plastic bracket on the container gets broken.
  • Damage on the metal bar that holds the wheel

If the plastic bracket on the container gets broken, replacement of the wheels is required. On the other hand, if the damage happened to the metal bar that holds the wheel, you may not have to replace it.

If the wheels are falling off from the metal bar damage, here’s what you can do:

  1. Examine the bottom to find out the reason
  2. Get the wheels out of the metal bar one by one.
  3. Roll the metal bar on the ground
  4. If it doesn’t roll smoothly, check out for damages or dent.
  5. If there is any dent, take a rubber mallet and straighten up the metal bar slowly with gentle poundings.
  6. Roll again to check if it’s okay or not
  7. Put on the wheels and bars on the can.

However, you can also fix the metal bar using your hands but don’t put intense pressure on it to avoid any permanent damages.

Final Verdict

Trashes can be quite heavy, and in some cases, they may cross even a hundred pounds! Therefore, getting trash containers with wheels can offer better efficiency.

Hopefully, you have got your necessary information about the garbage can wheels. Hence, now you can make the best purchase for an outstanding experience.