As we all know, the most exhausting part of being a pet owner is to keep our surroundings clean. And if you have multiple pets, the task becomes more complicated!

If you live with puppies, a sealed trash can is a must-have. This bin will help you to maintain a fresh-smelling house and proper hygiene standards effortlessly.

So, do you want to get the best sealed can for dog poop? Let me enlighten you with all the juicy details about it!

Sealed Trash Can for Dog Poop

Can I put dog poop in the trash?

There are tons of reasons to get a separate trash can for pet waste disposal. Putting dog poop in your regular bin can cause severe health and environmental issues that you need to avoid religiously.

Dog wastes carry some harmful bacteria, and if you put it into the kitchen bin, it will cause a severe bacterial infestation. And if you have a different kind of pet, mixing their feces isn’t good at all. Moreover, the combination of canine feces and kitchen waste are going to make some horrible smell!

So if you are determined to keep your house pristine, you must get separate trash bins for better waste disposal.

How do you keep dog poop from smelling in the trash can?

Nothing feels filthier than living with a horrible dog poop smell. The situation gets even worse in the summer as the wastes tend to decompose faster in hot weather.

The best solution to this problem is getting a diaper genie or best trash can for dog poop. These bins will keep the stink locked and provide a fresh environment for you to breathe.

However, if you choose to use a regular trash can for pet wastes, there are some tricks that you can apply for better odor management.

Firstly, you can try an activated carbon filter. This filter will absorb the putrid smell, and it will not hit your nostril as soon as you open the trash bin lid. You can also use charcoal garbage bags to serve the same purpose.

Secondly, you can try pouring baking soda at the bottom of your trash bin to absorb the awful odor. You can also spray some vinegar-water mixture into the garbage bag. These two remedies are the most popular ones among any pet lover!

Finally, you can use trash or plastic bags to put dog feces and tie it tightly before putting it into the trash can. This can be a little tiring as you have to do it every time your dog takes a dump.

What will break down dog poop?

It is said that vinegar can break down or dissolve dog poop, but this isn’t entirely actual. Vinegar is beneficial in cleaning poop stains.

ou can mix half and half vinegar and water to wipe the stained surface, and it will clean the spot correctly.

However, a product named Doggy Doo dissolver is a patented enzyme that can dissolve canine feces in a few minutes. The manufacturer claims that it’s an environment-friendly product so that you can use it without any fret.

Final Verdict

When you have one or multiple canines in your house, the best way to maintain cleanliness is to get a sealed trash can for dog poop. It will make your life a lot easier and so you can focus on other productive things around you.