Pet waste trash cans are bins that are perfect for pet feces. There are many brands out there that produce bins for pets. Some good brands include pet genie, paw pail, and lucky champ. These brands have no function other than the disposal of pet poop. Some great features that pet waste trash cans portray include disposable bag dispensers and odor control.

A good pet trash bin is cost-effective and keeps the pet out of the trash. Other than trash bins that specialize in animals, other bins do the job too. For instance, Simplehuman, Rubbermaid, and Trash Buddy produce bins that are animal proof. They feature lid securing mechanisms that keep your pet out.

The main reason why your pet needs a separate bin is to ensure proper hygiene. If you put dog poop in the regular trash bin, then it leads to exposure to germs. As a result, your family may be prone to disease. Other than that, your pet might make a big mess by getting into regular trash bins. Moreover, it may lead to injury if the trash bin is metallic with sharp edges. Even if your pet does not harm itself, the mixture of thrown out food and feces is potent. Read on to know the best practices of discarding pet feces.

Where Do I Keep Dog Feces Until It Is Time To Trash?

If your trash is full or you are waiting for the Garbage truck to take your trash, don’t worry. You can store dog poop pretty much anywhere you want, including your purse. However, to do so, you have to double wrap the poop, so there is no leak. This is easy to do if the poop is solid. If the packaging is airtight, then a drawer or high tabletop is a good place to keep poop. The main point is to keep the parcel out of the reach of young children and pets. So, a garage or basement is a great choice for keeping dog poop.

 On the other hand, if the poop is semi-solid or liquid, you have to be extra careful. Your toilet is the answer. This is because packaging liquid poop is risky. There is a high chance of leakage. You can only do so if you have airtight packages. However, if you don’t have airtight packages available, then the toilet is your only option.

For this reason, it is a good idea to stock up on airtight packages. After all, you never know when your pet has a bad stomach. The last thing that you need to remember is that biodegradable packages will not work with liquid dog poop. The package will start dissolving at a rapid rate. As a result, the poop will leak and make a huge mess.

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 Can You Put Dog Waste In The Bin?

There are a few measures that you need to take before binning dog poop. Firstly, you have to lace the trash bin‘s bottom with a reasonable amount of baking soda. The reason behind this is that baking soda absorbs bad smells. So, if there is an accidental leak of poop packages, then the baking soda will soak in the fumes. Baking soda is available in most general stores, and it comes cheap. Get yourself a large amount of it the next time you go to the store.

Next, make a habit of double wrapping animal feces to make sure that there is no leak. You can do this with polythene or plastic bags easily. Another slightly better alternative is to buy airtight bags—the more effective the concealment of poop, the better.

Even if you can successfully contain the poop, there are still a few risks. Dogs are messy creatures who get into the trash constantly. They do so in search of food with their noses to guide them. However, dogs who live at home now know that airtight packages may have food in it. For this reason, they will tear up any packaging that they come across. So the last precaution that you should take is to keep the trash away from pets and children. A few good places for keeping trash cans include the garage or basements.

However, if your pets have access to these places, then you need to think of high places. For instance, the top of the counter table, shelves, or the fridge are good places that are out of reach. With the three precautions in mind, you can now throw dog waste in the bin.

What Will Break Down Dog Waste?

There are two ways to break down dog poop that will work effectively. You can get enzymes from the store that will break down dog poop successfully. Enzymes are a bit costly. However, it has a cheaper alternative that works just as well. The magic liquid is vinegar.

 Vinegar is very cheap and available in most stores. All you have to do is mix a little water with the vinegar. After that, pour the solution into a sprayer if you have one lying around. It is fine if you don’t have a sprayer. A watering can work just as well. You will have to pour a lot of vinegar on the poop if you don’t have either. The objective is to cover the entire surface of poop so that optimum absorption occurs. The best idea is to buy yourself a cheap sprayer or a cleaner that comes in a spraying bottle.

After the application of vinegar onto the poop, wait for ten minutes or so. Once the waiting period is over, you will find the poop with a softer texture. It will be ready to scoop up.

What Is The Best Dog Proof Trash Can?

The best pet waste trash can is dog-proof. You need to look for a trash bin that has a security mechanism that keeps the lid in place. Here are some great trash bins that have lid security.

Pet genie, paw pail, and lucky champ are great brands that are exclusively for pets. They all keep dogs out of the trash with secure locks. Moreover, they don’t cost that much money, and also they are long-lasting.

Other than trash bins that specialize in animals, Simplehuman, Rubbermaid, and Trash Buddy are dog proof too. They are great brands that are very hygienic and animal resistant.

Good luck picking the right pet waste trash can. I hope that what you got here is useful.