Outdoor Dog Poop Trash Can

A trash can for indoor use is not the ideal place to dump dog poop. The practice is not hygienic and may lead to a medical complication. You might be thinking to yourself that you are careful enough. However, even if you double-wrap the poop and dispose of it in your kitchen bin, there are risks. There is always the possibility of trash infiltration by the dog or young children.

The key difference between an indoor dog poop trash and an outdoor one is capacity. Unlike a kitchen trash bin, an outdoor dog poop trash bin has more space inside it.

Other than that, there are other features that outdoor dog poop trash cans have that is desirable. For instance, odor control, lid locks, and bad disposable dispensers make life a bit easier. The fact that the bin is for outdoor use does not mean odor should ruin your neighbor’s day. Furthermore, a lid that locks securely keeps critters out of the trash. A bad disposable dispenser is a wonderful news too, as packing poop is mandatory even if outdoor.

Can I Put Dog Poop In The Bin?

Trash cans are nasty places that harbor all sorts of germs. These germs mix and become even more repugnant. For this reason, it is never wise to drop dog poop into the trash directly; however, if you do wish to dispose of dog poop in the trash, then double wrap it.

Packaging Poop

You can do this with plastic, but there is a more environmentally friendly way too. The practice of using biodegradable bags to dispose of dog poop is commendable. You see, the plastic bags are for burning as there is no other way to dispose of it. If you use biodegradable bags, then they just dissolve away.

Secure the Lid of the Trash Bin

Remember that if you are to put dog poop in your trash, it should be out of reach. Kids or pets should not have access to the trash. For this reason, you can keep the trash bin somewhere high, like on top of a shelf. Another alternative is to keep the trash bin in the basements given that it is off-limits. If that is not your style, then think about getting a trash bin that features a secure lid lock. There are many kinds of lid locks that different brands feature.

The most common type of lock is the slide lock. You can slide a bar to fix the lid in position. Another more technologically innovative lock is the touchless sensor lid. However, If you are a traditional person who thinks investing in new age trash cans is silly, it’s ok. Just make sure that you secure the lid of your trash bin with rope or jumper cables.

The main points to remember are sealing the poop in packages and sealing the lid of the bin. If you can accomplish these two tasks, then you can go ahead and put dog poop in the trash.

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What Dissolves Dog Poop In The Yard?

Dogs will pretty much poop anywhere. They are relatively harder to train than cats. For this reason, you might find undesirable presents in places that you regard clean. For instance, a lot of people slave away to maintain their yard.

When they find a pile of dog poop on their neatly cut grass, they go mad. This is more so if the person does not know how to dissolve the poop. Well, the answer is very simple and comes in affordable bottles. I, of course, am talking about vinegar.

All you have to do to dissolve dog poop in your yard is spray vinegar on it. After that, you wait for five to ten minutes, and then its time to clean up. You will find that the poop is now soft enough for scooping.

After the disposal of the poop, you will find that there is still a stain left. You can now use a hose to wash out the easily manageable stain.

Vinegar is a cheap solution to dissolve poop, and implementation is easy. It is not only good for yards but also carpets or marble floors.

How Do You Deal With Bad Odor In the trash?

The reason behind the terrible smell in your trash is the inappropriate disposal of poop. The package was not secure enough, and now the odor is leaking everywhere. The first thing you have to remember is to double-wrap the dog poop from next time. As far as the smell goes¸, the solution is pretty simple. All you have to do is sprinkle baking soda in your trash bin.

The baking soda with which you lace the bottom of your trash bin absorbs bad smells. So, make a habit of scattering baking soda in your trash bin and double wrapping poop.

But what do you do with a trash bin that is stinky and extremely dirty? Well, the answer is to rub the inside of the trash bin with more baking soda. This acts as a scrub and gets rid of both odor and gunk.

Once scrubbing is complete, it is time to use soap and water to clean out your trash bin. After that, your bin should look and smell brand new.

How Long Does Dog Poop Last Outside?

If you don’t have anyone to clean your yard, you will have much poop on it. Dog poop is very resilient and long-lasting. The entire decomposition process could take up to an entire year. Furthermore, the longer it stays outside, the more difficult it becomes to clean up. For this reason, it is a good idea to pick up poop as it drops. Get an outdoor dog poop trash can so that you don’t have to go far after scooping up the poop.

I hope this quick read is something to remember and utilize in the future. I wish you and your k9 friend the very best in your life journey.