The bathroom that has a lot of dirt and the dirt that spreads the stench is a dirty bathroom. A dirty bathroom is harmful to you and your home environment.

Because the germs in it harm your body and your home. In this article, you will learn everything about the dirty bathroom.

How to clean a bathroom

Our bathroom needs to be much deeper than we thought. No matter how clean you are, it will always require extra care.

Because if you do not take care of the bathroom, it causes many germs. One thing that is the longest in our bathroom and doesn’t cross our minds.

Usually, it is nothing more than a bath mat or mat. However, if you think about it, and it is understandable.

Usually, we press it as soon as we enter the bathroom. Also a lot of the time with shoes, which we forgot to take to the entrance. There we take off our dirty clothes before putting them in the wash.

This results in dirty accumulation in the bathroom. In addition, the mats live in a warm and humid environment in the bathroom and contain bacteria.

The toilet is easy to get dirty, do you know how to clean it smartly? No problem now you will know how to easily clean your bathroom. So let’s see-

In what ways can you clean the bathroom?

1. Anti-mold and anti-sap system for tiles

The walls of the bathroom are mostly paved with tiles. To keep them clean and beautiful, you can use a multidimensional decontamination paste to clean them.

As cravings on tiles, you can use a toothbrush to remove dirt by dipping a little decontamination cream. You can then brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices.

This will not only prevent waterlogging, but also the growth of mold.

2. Clean toilet glass and mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are often stained with toothpaste, water stains and other things. At this point, you can probably use the left black tea bag to gently wipe the mirror stains.

Wipe it with a dry cloth to restore it to the new one.

3. Shower head clean

Take a plastic bag, pour white vinegar, wrap the shower head and fix it with a rubber band. After soaking for 1 hour, dry it with a dry towel.

 4. Faucet clean

Mix white vinegar and baking soda powder evenly and insert the toilet paper and soak thoroughly. Then cover the faucet for 30 to 60 minutes and then rinse with water.

5. Clean the toilet

Yellow stains on the toilet are difficult to remove, you can sprinkle with baking soda. You can soak it in hot water for half an hour before washing.

To achieve the purpose of wetting, remember to cover the water outlet at the inner end of the toilet with toilet paper soaked in baking soda solution.

6. Clean the water tank

Adding a few white vinegars to the water tank not only has a disinfectant and disinfection effect. It also removes the scale attached to the inner wall of the water tank.

7. Clean rust stains

The toilet is relatively moist. In case of rust, you can cut the lemon in half. Take the lemon juice on the pepper spots. Then soak for 10 minutes, brush with a brush and finally rinse with clean water.

8. Basin clean

Long-term dampness in the washbasin can easily reproduce bacteria and germs. You can use a loofah sack with toothpaste and wipe the washbasin on the back.

If the washbasin is stained with soap, the soap is alkaline. To neutralize the acid and alkali you can soak it in vinegar for 10 minutes and wash it off.

9. Use shower curtains wisely

If you have a shower curtain in your home, you can hang the waterproof storage bag on the shower curtain rod. Also keep some bath supplies, so you don’t have to put everything next to the bathtub.

10. The countertop is clean

Do not use too much water when washing hands and face. At the same time, the action will be gentle and it will not splash a lot of water on the table.

Lazy people who do not want to spend a lot of effort to clean will easily develop the habit of wiping. Prepare a rag near the table and use water every time.

After that, it takes 5 seconds to wipe the countertop again, which can effectively extend the cleaning cycle.

Muriatic acid to clean toilets

You only use muriatic acid for the toilet. Also make sure that no metal objects come in contact with it (anchoring toilet seats, radiators, etc.). Plastics are relatively resistant to salicylic acid.

But not metal at all – on the contrary, dangerous hydrogen can even develop. So never empty the sink, for example (the siphon is made of metal!).

Usually muriatic acid is available in pharmacies (expensive) or in hardware stores. Since the toilet has some impurities in it, don’t care. Of course, you will use a cheaper product.

Muriatic acid is mainly used in the process. Anyone thinks that the thin rest is literally dangerous for the environment.

But you should not throw it in the toilet in the future. Because it also contains muriatic acid.

How to clean a toilet using muriatic acid

If you have almost unlimited time, stick with conventional toilet tabs. They penetrate the dirt and remove it from the toilet wall. If it is fast, then muriatic acid is best.

Because it dissolves dirt directly. Here’s how to clean a toilet using muriatic acid:

Step 1: Remove the water from the siphon

The most stingy move so far. You need to remove as much water from the toilet as possible. Be sure to use rubber gloves and wear them.

The way you get the maximum concentration of muriatic acid to clean the toilet.

Step 2: Carefully add hydrochloric acid

Now you empty the previous exhaust volume (about 0.75 litres) HCL into the drain. To stay on the safe side, turn the sink tap slightly and let it drain.

Step 3: Let the magic work

Many are now developing CO2 as described in theory. If your toilet was really dirty, the drain would pass. Also, the toilet bowl is full of foam.

But don’t worry, nothing will spread. You measure the endpoint of the reaction if there is no excess foam.

Step 4: Get rid of hydrochloric acid

When the reaction is ready, carefully add about 3L of water. Then flush 2-3 times with the toilet flush.

step 5: Skeet inspects dirt

Then see how much the dirt dissolves. In this case, repeat steps 1 – 5.

How to clean bathroom rugs

Usually colourful, fluffy soft bathroom rugs and fluffy bath mats have become an essential part of today’s modern bathrooms.

They make our well-being oasis truly complete. Also spreads a comfortable environment. Also, they give our feet a comfortable warmth.

During their service in bathrooms, these carpets and mats come under a lot of pressure, especially from the constant suction of water.

Bathroom carpets and bath mats need to be washed regularly for hygiene reasons.

Depending on the size of a family, bathroom rugs and bath mats are used a lot. Several walks several times a day on these hard-wearing rugs.

After all, the moisture they come in contact with repeatedly comes into contact with them even after bathing.

Bathroom carpets and bath mats need regular washing due to mould formation and hygiene.

However, there are no specific guidelines for this. This topic starts very individually. First and foremost, it depends on how many people live in the family.

Also depends on how useful the bath rug or bath mat is. For example, a deep-pile, larger bathroom carpet may shake or vacuum only 2-3 times a week until it is washed after about 2-4 weeks.

Usually small, short-pile bath mats require laundry. Every 1-2 weeks, these are relatively easy to take up relatively little space on the handling machine.

Since most bath mats/shower mats are made of pure cotton, they need to be washed very well with towels.

What are the different ways to clean bathroom rugs?

Step 1: Shake it out

The first step in cleaning bath mats and rugs is to shake them slightly. Take out your clothes to remove any dirt and debris. Quickly vacuuming can solve the problem.

Step 2: Check the care label

Pay special attention to the back care label so that no important instructions are missed. Although most machines are washable, proper care varies from material to substance.

Specific cleaning methods make your carpet faster.

Step 3: Clean the bathroom rugs

Machine washable Bath mat materials include cotton, polyester, nylon, chenille, memory foam and plastic.

High temperatures are best for killing any bacteria or mold. Choose warm or high temperature cotton, polyester, nylon and plastic.

Washing a memory foam bath mat is a different story; It must be washed at a cold temperature to maintain the integrity of the synthetic material. You want to avoid using any bleach on the memory foam.

Choose a gentle cycle setting for all carpets. This setting is important, especially for cleaning large rubberized ballast rugs, as it prevents deterioration of the sticky, non-slip surface.

Are all-plastic mats working like a shower? See vinegar, a natural cleansing ingredient, really clean bath mat. Pour 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar with detergent to get the final sanitary treatment.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to help get rid of any unwanted odor on the carpet or mat. Plus, the fresh scent will make your bathroom smell like a spar!

If you have a few bath towels around you, throw them away too. This can cause the washing machine to lose balance and thunder during the balancing process. Be careful not to overload.

Bathroom rugs are magnetic for hair and dust and depending on the ventilation of your space these can be a haven for mold and forgery.

Not to mention, they picked up your shoes on the way to inspect the last-minute mirror. All other reasons to clean rugs and bath mats at least every three to four weeks. so let’s see how to clean bathroom rugs.

Home environment sheets

Home environment sheets refer to family situations. This sheet highlights the current status and activities of a family. This sheet contains many questions.

Decide which questions are relevant to your home’s actual situation and which are not relevant to the actual situation in your home.

If you think a question is met or originally met, the “yes” answer needs to be rounded up; If it is not met or not met at all, then the answer “no” should be circled.

 You may think that specific questions are appropriate for your family members. But not for other family members.

If they are suitable for most members, the answer is “yes”; If they are not for most members, answer “no”. If the number of eligible and non-loyal family members is equal, the answer is in the majority case.

Don’t forget to answer every question. If you are not sure if this meets your family’s needs, you need to answer according to your own guess.

When answering, please understand the content of each sentence accurately and in detail before answering. Remember, the “family” mentioned in the questionnaire refers to a small family sharing a home with you.

Home depot kitchen trash cans

The kitchen is a gourmet resort for preparing meals for the family three times a day. So most of the household waste comes mainly from the kitchen.

The sanitary condition of the kitchen has a profound effect on the comfort of domestic life. Everyone pays close attention to the overall design of the kitchen.

Also often neglects the proper placement of kitchen trash cans.

In everyday life, the kitchen corner is always the best place to keep trash cans. Placing garbage cans in unnecessary corners will not affect the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. But it is also very practical.

Nowadays, some trendy young designers design trash cans in cabinets to hide trash inventions for beauty.

But the flaws are also obvious, it is not ventilated, and it is easy to get an unpleasant odour. For some confused owners, if they forget to clean up the trash for a long time.

However, the time it takes to store fish waste creates a strange odour. Also, it is very difficult to clean the garbage cans in the cabinet.

How to create a healthy kitchen environment?

The best way is to keep a portion of the open space under the cabinet for garbage cans and to sort the garbage. Especially for the treatment of fish fasciitis.

Since fish forks are the most corrupt and smelly. The fish trash is first placed in a special drain basket at the corner of the pool.

The extracted waste is then tied tightly with an unbroken plastic bag. It can then sorted along with other rubbish according to the classification.


On the other hand, the lid of the garbage must be tightly closed to prevent the stench from overflowing. Keep trash cans in mesh buckets for easy use by those who cook.

Creating a healthy kitchen environment consists of a combination of trivial things.

As long as everyone pays more attention to cleaning some garbage cans daily and changing the trash bag frequently, it is possible to have a healthy and fresh kitchen.


A dirty bathroom is bad for you and your home. So you need to clean the dirty bathroom. Hope you got enough idea about a dirty bathroom.