The truth is that there are still many doubts, among dog owners, about how do you dispose of dog poop at home? Collect the remains of their pets, and how to eliminate and dispose of them in the easiest way and without generating so many problems. To help you, if you have any questions about it, we have collected the best advice from the experts:

– When you go out for a walk with your best friend, take everything you need to collect their poop and be able to get rid of them without problems, in case you can’t find bins.

– Never use non-biodegradable plastic bags: All you do is generate garbage that is very difficult to eliminate, which you cannot throw into the yellow containers only for plastic, but not into the normal garbage either. And of course, do not throw the bag with the waste on the ground.

– In recent years, a series of biodegradable plastic bags have been put on sale, which falls apart over time. However, it is not pleasant to see parks full of them and, in addition, there may be children and/or other pets that start playing with them. In case you have to, save them, and throw them in the bins. If you are lucky that in your city there are special places for this waste, you are lucky: try to throw it in them.

– It is always much better to wrap the remains in newspapers and paper bags, which are much less contaminating in either case.

What enzyme breaks down dog poop?

The disposal system of the dog poops is like a septic system that allows you to deposit waste in a submerged container which converts the dog waste to drain off liquids and composted material into the ground. Specifically, formulated enzymes in the trash can break down dog excrement.

There are 2 major enzymes essential to break down dog poops are lipase that breaks down grease, oil, and fats and protease for proteins. Other enzymes are cellulase, that breaks down amylase and vegetable matter which is effective on starches.

What do I do if my dog won’t eat his poop?

The situation in which dog guardians put their hands to their heads when they surprise their faithful friend eating poop is not unusual. When this happens, we are facing a case of coprophagia, which is the ingestion of feces, both own and of other dogs or other species.

Swallowing feces may indicate that there is either an organic problem in the dog or a behavioral problem. In addition, it can have harmful effects on the health of the animal, such as obstructions or transmission of parasitic diseases.

How is coprophagia treated as a behavioral problem?

Once it has been ruled out that the cause of the animal ingesting feces is organic, we must investigate to discover what causes coprophagia. Obviously, the treatment will depend on the diagnosis reached by the ethologist, but there are some general guidelines so that the behavior does not occur.

– First of all, it is vital to suppress any reinforcement that is made on the behaviour, and this includes eliminating the penalties for doing so. If one of the factors causing coprophagia is stress, punishing will only cause more stress. And not only that, but the behaviour of eating faeces will also be rewarded since it will respond to the demand for attention that the dog is making (especially in the case of puppies). In addition, it must be remembered that if it is punished, it acts on the behaviour, and not on the cause of it.

– It is also important to eliminate the access that the dog may have to feces, especially during walks. In these cases, it is advisable to remove the animal and reward alternative behaviors. Even reward him so that when he does his business, he is more interested in going for the prize than for the poop.

However, it is advisable in cases like these to contact veterinary and ethology professionals, since they will help the owners to correctly cover the dog’s needs and to develop in a healthy, balanced, and happy way!

How long does it take dog poop to decompose?

You will not believe but it takes a year to decompose dog poop. But, cleaning dog poop on a regular basis can turn it around in just a few weeks.

But remember, dog poops contain many viruses and bacteria and that is not good for our health. So, pick up your dog’s poop with a plastic bag and throw it in the dog poop trash can.

Biodegradable bags:

The bags for dog excrement are basically bags that end up degrading by an act of nature. There are a variety of products that are made of a material similar to corn starch or potato starch bags. But make a bag of starch from the potato would be to use a whole potato to make them. That is why many argue that biodegradable bags are a scam, that is, they are not ecological.

After a deep investigation, we understood that the important thing is to reduce the degradation time of our bag and there are several options. One of which would be to make it yourself with newspaper. Also, you can use recycling the paper already used and thus reduce the purchase of commercial bags.

In the same way, biodegradable bags are an excellent choice, a characteristic of these bags is that they decompose in any environment with oxygen.

Although these bags can take about 18 months to degrade, the important thing is to ensure that manufacturers guarantee that the bags degrade as much as possible. As quickly as possible, that they are safe for the environment and that no plant will suffer from it.