You have already known that an 18-gallon trash can is one of the standard sizes among the variations of the trash can. This option will be the best for your backroom, ballroom, and even for your bathroom. Indeed, it can store 18 gallons/ 68 liters of garbage items in it. Most of the 18-gallon trash cans have a height of 23 inches to 29 inches with around 8 Ibs weights.

They have activated carbon, which filters the odor and keeps your room germ free. And if you buy an 18-gallon trash can, then try to choose one of stainless steel. It will be worth money.

Moreover, they have clear lids that can provide you an excellent resistance effect. They also offer you space-saving facilities.

How tall is a 16-gallon trash can?

16-gallon trash can

A beautiful kitchen will bring a good mood for your kitchen. In that case, no one can beat the 16-gallon kitchen trash cans. They ave a smart and sturdy look with a 35 inches taller size. This trash can have 16 gallons or 62 liters capacity. Don’t worry about fast filling up issues Because the product has flap tie bags.

Using these bags, you can store a considerable amount of garbage up to 20 gallons to 30 gallons. On top of that, most of the manufacturers create it with a propylene coating, which offers a great look.

So it is apparent that your 16-gallon trash can with a 35 inches height will be smart for your office too.

How do you put a trash bag in a round trash can?

A trash bag increases the capacity of trash cans. Generally, trash bags come with the cans, and most of them are larger than the basic can in size.

The larger bags help you to keep more garbage materials. Besides that, your main wastebasket remains clean if you use a backpack. It also eases the carrying process. Just grab the bag and throw out. But the main hassle is to put it in a round can. Don’t worry, and it is not so hard to set.

First, take your bag and unfold it. Then keep it in your basket first. Never put the whole part of the pack in the basket; otherwise, it will be messy. Keep the Super bags section out of the can so that it becomes easier for you to grab the upper part.

Apart from this, you can also use some clips or different size rubber bands to keep the bag properly inside the can. If you don’t want to spend extra money to fix the bag, just tie the bag with your box in any corner.