If you live in a house full of kids, pets have wildlife around; a garbage can with a locking lid is a must-have. It helps you to avoid unpleasant mess and have better waste management around the house.

You can get these trash cans with locking system to keep in your kitchen and in the outdoor area. The locking mechanism keeps your trash safe from dumpster divers or your toddler, who is feeling curious about everything else.

But what are the details you need to know about these garbage cans before you make the purchase? Let’s find out!

How do you secure the garbage can lid?

Garbage can with locking lid

Garbage can with locking lid

If you live in an area where strays treat your best Garbage Can With Wheels like a buffet station, you may need to secure the lid to prevent any mess.

You can secure your trash can lid with some simple steps; no drastic measure is required.

Here is a simple procedure to secure your garbage can lid using some bungee cords.

  1. Take your garbage bin and put the lid on
  2. Hook and tie the bungee cord on the right handle of your garbage can
  3. Pull the bungee cord over the lid.
  4. Hook the cord to the handle of the other side
  5. Take another bungee cord and repeat the same steps for better security.

This simple locking procedure will keep your garbage cans safe from wild animals and awry weather conditions.

And if you want to avoid this extra work, you can get a garbage can that comes with a built-in locking mechanism.

What can you put in your garbage can to put the animals away?

You can actually find products in the market that will help you to keep animals away from your trash can. But the simplest solution to this problem is ammonia.

Yes, you can pour a cup full of ammonia directly into your garbage can to prevent these attacks!

Animals have a sharps sense of smell, so the toxic odor of ammonia will keep them away from diving into your trash. This trick also works for your kitchen bin if you have pets in the house.

Just take mix some ammonia with water and spray it onto your trash can to keep your pets away from the mess!

How do you bear-proof a garbage can?

If your garbage can is attacked by a burly animal like a bear, locking the lid with a bungee cord will not work. You will need a more robust locking system for this situation.

To keep your garbage can safe from bears, you can get trash can enclosures, also known as caddies. These enclosures are made of wooden sheds or robust metal that keeps your trash can sealed to protect it from wildlife.

You can also get bear-proof trash cans for better efficiency as they already came with sturdy locks and are made with robust material.

Final verdict:

Getting a garbage can with locking lid is the best one as they come with the privilege of mess-control and better odor management. Moreover, they are manufactured with durable materials, so you don’t have to buy them frequently.

So for your kitchen or outdoor area, purchasing a garbage can with a locking system is the wisest choice, trust me!