If you want to clean your home, garden, city, and surrounding from your dog poop, you should buy outdoor trash can for your dog poop.

Why should you need the best outdoor trash can for dog poop?

Who does not know the problem: whether without or with their own four-legged friend, the pollution of sidewalks, playgrounds, or green areas with dog excrement is still a major annoyance for many citizens.

If only “man’s best friend” could only go to the dog toilet himself! Although the feces are not only unsightly but also a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens of all kinds, complaints or warnings are mostly unsuccessful.

So, the subject of dog feces has long become a constant controversy in the cities. However, many dog ​​owners shy away from collecting the droppings and simply do not know how and where to dispose of the waste, so that they face a major hygiene problem.

Disposal is actually easy with the specially designed disposal bags and dog litter boxes – only dog ​​waste can dispensers have to be set up!

How to choose the best outdoor trash can for dog poop?

If you do not have experience or do not have an idea on how to choose the best outdoor trash can for your dog poop, this buying guide will be helpful to you.


Most of the people prefer to place the garbage trash can for dog poop outside of the home or in the yard. Therefore, you should ensure that the material must be withstood in all types of weather conditions.
It also should be rust-proof so it is long-lasting and durable such as heavy density and stainless-steel material.


The size is depending on the numbers of the dogs you have and their sizes. A huge sized dog like German Shepherd may require a large capacity dog poop can compare to a small-sized dog as it makes more poop in a day.

Odor control ability:

A healthy environment and odour control should be your first priority. So, when you are going to choose the best trash can, make sure that it is designed with a lid that shuts properly and tightly. It will not only help to keep the smell contained but also it will prevent flies and keep your home healthy and clean.

Foot pedal:

We know, you will surely wash your hands after emptying the dog waste. But you will find it more hygienic and convenient to buy a dog poop can which has a foot pedal as it is hands-free. Thus, you do not have to touch the can every time you are disposing of waste.

User guide of an outdoor trash can for dog poop:

So far, you have come to know about most of the things about the best dog poop. If you have no idea, how to use it correctly, here we have prepared the best user guide for you.

You need to mount it on the poll or on the wall or a tree:
Usually, you need to keep the outdoor trash away from your pet if she or he likes to spread the trashes from a can. So, you need to keep trash can out of reach from your dog and other pet.

You can also purchase the stainless steel made trash outdoor cans. It might be a little heavier and it can stop your dog your pets from spreading and headbutting the can all around the home.

Also, keep the well out of reach from your children:
In addition, obviously dog poop is not something beneficial to you and your children’s health.

Maintain hygiene:

Today, most of the trash can models are manufactured with proper hygiene, still, you need to take care to keep the hygiene maintained. So, it is advisable to keep the trash clean regularly. We recommend to wash it at least 2 times a week because to maintain hygiene is very much important.

Top features of an outdoor trash can for dog poop:

There are some top features of outdoor trash can which you should look for when buying one. Here we give you a list of those top features.

Septic design of the tank:

There are some outdoor dog poop trash cans that work as septic tanks. It is a great feature it should have. It helps to dump the garbage inside the ground. Also, it helps to decompose the waste. You just need to dig up a hole deep sufficiently in your yard and keep the trash can in the whole.

The odour lock technology:

Today, most of the trash cans have odour locking technology. This feature is the best way to prevent bad odor from mixing in the air and thus, keeps the air clean. In addition, it also prevents insects from entering it.

The proper size of the can:

When you start searching for the best outdoor trash can for your dog poop, you will see there are many different sizes are available. Remember that small-sized are ideal for indoors only and if you are looking for the outdoor, you should always look for the bigger size.

The corrosion-proof material:

Most of the trash cans are made of corrosion-proof material. Thus, such cans are also suitable to use outdoor. This is another great feature to look for.

Thus, here we have given all the features you should look for when buying the best outdoor trash can for your dog poop.


Pet or dog waste creates a huge number of hazardous bacteria which definitely pose risks to human health. Hence, if you have a dog, you surely need to buy the best outdoor trash can for dog poop.

One of the best things about the dog poop trash that it contains odor and it can hold a week’s waste so you can wait for the garbage pick-up.

Using these dog poop trash cans, it will help to manage dog waste and minimize exposure for your neighbors and family to harmful bacteria.