Dog waste trash cans are a special breed of a trash can that is exclusively for pets. They feature odor control and waste disposal bag dispensers. Furthermore, using a trash bin that specializes in pets is more hygienic for everyone at home.

Dog Waste Trash Can

Dog Waste Trash Can

There are a lot of trash cans for dogs out there in the market that look great from illustrations. Some products stand out for good reasons.

Pet Genie, Lucky Champ, and PawPail are what I feel have the edge in the market. They portray the innovative design and affordable costs.

Pet Genie is my first pick as it comes with disposable bags that last a long time. Furthermore, it has a great odor control system that works.

Next, I pick Lucky champ as it has a long warranty and clever and functional design. The trash can is very spacious so you can take out the trash after long intervals.

Pawpail is worth mentioning too as it is portable and deals with bad smells. The bin comes with nifty bags to dispose of poop.

How To Ensure A Dog Free Trash Can?

The best way to keep your dog out of the trash is by securing the lid. If your trash bin is a traditional one then you will need jumper cables. Bind the lid from handle to handle with the chords. If you think your dog might still manage to get in then use multiple jumper chords.

I like the Pet genie brand because it has a secure lock system that is easy to use. Your dog will not be able to get in a pet genie trash bin without human assistance.

So if you are thinking of buying new trash then get one that has a simple lock system. It could be a slide lock or sensor lid model. Trash bins like simplehuman do not specialize in only dogs but they are impossible to get into.

There are other ways to keep your dog out of the trash through relocation. For instance, you can keep the trash bin out of reach. It could be over the cupboard or in the garage.

Other than that, practice packaging trash carefully and disposing of the trash frequently. It would be wise to seal up rubbish that could be harmful to your dog.

Where Do You Store Dog Poop Until Trash?

Enabling the secure portability of dog poop is what you are aiming at. Conceal the dog poop in a package that won’t fall apart or leak. To do so, double wrap the dog feces in a polythene bag. Once complete, you can now keep the poop package in your bag or anywhere for that matter. It could be in a drawer, or on top of a table. Pretty much anywhere you can access but your child cannot is a safe location.

However, the best practice is to put the airtight package of dog poop into the trash bin immediately. Furthermore, taking out the trash every day is a good habit.

But what if you are outside or at a friend’s house? As I said before make a hygienic portable package that you can carry around. For that, you need to have disposable gloves and polythene bags in your bag at all times. In addition to that, a stapler or rubber bands may come in handy.

Is It OK To Put Dog Poop In The Trash?

There is no problem in putting dog poop in your trash bin as long as you double wrap the feces. Some people use polythene bags while environmentally aware people use biodegradable bags.

If you use biodegradable bags then make sure you are clever with all your rubbish. You can’t let juices settle at the bottom of the garbage. If you do then the biodegradable bag starts dissolving in the juice

Keep a separate bin for leftover food and other trash that decomposes. Recyclable trash goes into another bin. Finally, have a separate dog waste trash can.

Make sure that small children and animals cannot access the trash can. Regardless of hygienic measures, the garbage is not a safe place to forage in. For this reason, it might be a good idea to seal the trash lid. You can do this with jumper chords or two depending on how wide your trash bin is. Just tie the ends of the jumper chords to the lid handles.

Some dog waste trash can brands feature safety locks. They serve the purpose of keeping curious creatures out. Finally, clean your hands after you have neatly put the dog poop package in the bin.

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Going Through The Trash?

As your pup grows up he or she is honing the ability of extremely sharp smelling. Furthermore, they acquire more freedom. This means that you will have to give your pup some personal snooping time. While alone and outside, dogs go after whatever interests their nose. Frequent visits include trash bins and fire hydrants. These are the spots that other dogs mark. Moreover, trash bins yield food for animals of all sorts.

So you see, going through the trash is normal behavior for a dog. The best measure that you can take is washing the dog after he or she comes home. Other than that, you can secure the trash bin by fastening the lid tight. If you don’t want to bind the lid with chords it’s fine. A dog waste trash can will serve you well.

While buying the right can look for one with a secure locking system. This will prevent your dog from dumpster diving for food and making a big mess.

I hope the read was helpful to you in being more careful with the disposal of a dog pool. Best wishes and stay safe with those you love.