You should always dispose of dog poop at home because it is repulsive to others outside your house. For this, you need a good trash can that has the right features to ensure proper hygiene.

Most people use the traditional black waste bin for disposing of dog feces. It is not very hygienic, but if you wrap the dog poo right, then it’s okay. Double wrap the dog feces with plastic polythene carefully. Make sure that the dog poo does not get on your hands while you are disposing of it.

Dog poop trash bins feature odor control and bag dispensers. This is perfect for houses with animals. So, consider buying one to replace your regular bin.

An alternative to a dog poop trash bin is a high-end trash bin. They are a bit expensive, but they too are perfect for dog poo. The reason behind this is that they feature duel compartments and lid sensors. This means that you won’t have to touch the lid of the bin while opening it. Moreover, there will be a separate space in the trash can for dog poop. Simplehuman is a good example of a high-end trash bin that has become a favorite among animal lovers.

Is It okay To Discard Dog Waste In The Garbage?

It is completely fine to put dog poop in the garbage if you take the right precautions. You should not just scoop it up and throw it in the garbage. That is simply not the way to do it as it may lead to the spread of disease.

The right way to dispose of dog poop is to double wrap it in polythene. After that, neatly put it in the garbage. This makes sure that recyclable material that might be in the garbage does not contact the poop.

An even better solution is to use environmentally friendly biodegradable bags. The reason behind this that polythene is an environmental Hazzard as it emits dangerous gasses into the air. Biodegradable bags, on the other hand, do not contribute to pollution as they dissolve in water.

So go ahead and dispose of your pet’s feces into the garbage. However, just remember to do so in a hygienic manner. Dog poo can spread a lot of diseases if you don’t take the proper

What Bin Do I Use For Dog Poop?

If you go online and look up trash bins for dogs, you will find a lot of good products. It might be a bit confusing for you to pick the right one now. For that reason, I did a little research to find the very best bins for pet feces. I chose three brands that are functional and cost-effective. After all, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on a dog poop trash bin.

My top three favorite brands are Pet Genie, Paypal, and Lucky Champ. They are do not cost that much. Moreover, they deal with odor control and hygiene.

Pet Genie:

These are great brands that make dog poop trash bins. They are perfect for the disposal of animal feces. One of my favorite brands is Pet Genie. They make a bin that is very simple to use. Furthermore, it is spacious, so you don’t have to take out the trash every day.


Pawpail is another wonderful brand that has a design that keeps odor in mind. It comes with 200 bags at purchase that are very handy. Once you run out of bags, you can go out and get cheaper.

Lucky Champ:

The plastic bin is quite light, so it is easy to move around. You will love the product, considering how useful it is. It deals with smell well, and the price tag will please you.


If you think that the recommendations are not for you, then there is another alternative. Get your self a high-end trash bin such as Simplehuman. It will cost a bit more than your average dog poop trash bin, but it is worth it. High-end trash bins feature duel compartments meaning there is a separate space for the dog poo to go. High-end bins also feature lid sensors that allow you to open and close the bin without contact. This feature upholds hygiene for everyone in the house.

How Do I Deal With Odor From Dog Poop In The Trash?

Does your trash stink because of dog poop? The first reason out of a few is the inappropriate disposal of dog poop. This means that you probably did not double wrap the dog feces. Another reason is if you put biodegradable packs into trash containing juices at the bottom, in this case. The bags will dissolve, and the poop will be open to stink up your trash bin.

There is a solution to this problem, which is relatively simple to administer. The answer is baking soda as it has an odor preventive property that will help get the smell out. All you have to do is pour a reasonable amount of baking soda in your trash can. The baking soda will take in all the nasty fumes that are making it unbearable for you.

You should apply baking soda to the trash can in advance as a preventive measure. But if you find your self with stinky trash, can what do you do then? The answer is still baking soda. You have to clean the trash can manually by scrubbing it with baking soda. Once you have, the next thing to do is wash it with soap water.

From next time, make sure to scatter baking soda at the bottom of the trash. Furthermore, wrap up poop well while putting it in the trash can.

How Do You Dispose of Dog Waste?

Disposing of dog poop is easy to do and effective as long as you do it the right way. The first step is to scoop the poop up properly.

Next, carefully double wrap the dog poop in polythene or, even better, a biodegradable bag. Make sure that your hand does not come into contact with the poop while wrapping.

After that, place the package in your dog poop trash bin. Lace the bottom of the bin with baking soda. Once the trash bin is full, its time to take it out to your outdoor trash. It is a good idea to apply baking soda in your outdoor trash bin too.

The garbage man will come and take away the trash in the morning; thus, disposal is complete.

Another alternative is to use a waste composter. Some people say it is a more Eco-friendly alternative. If you want to take this route, dig a hole, put the composter in place. The digester will break down all the poop that you put into the composter.


I hope this quick read was helpful to you—lots of love and best wishes in taking good care of your k9 friend.